by Rachel Inglis

Posted 3rd February, 2016


“At the beginning of the day

we seek your countenance among us, O God,

in the countless forms of creation all around us

in the sun’s rising glory

in the face of friend and stranger.” 1


Christmas is becoming a distant memory. Lent is almost upon us. At the moment we are in ‘Ordinary Time’. This is a liturgical term, denoting those times in the liturgical calendar when not much is happening (my definition!).

I like Ordinary Time.

Yes, during Advent we reflect on the wonder of the Incarnation. During Lent, we experience the painful journey Jesus makes to the Cross. At Easter, we experience afresh the joy of Resurrection, and Pentecost, the outpouring of the Spirit. During these times we might have a heightened sense of awareness of God with us.

But in Ordinary Time, we look for the presence of God in our ordinary, daily life. That can take faith, and a more sensitive attuning to God with us ‘in the countless forms of creation all around us’.

As you read this, stop and notice in what ways you can see God’s countenance around you. On this ordinary day. When not much is happening...... on the surface, at least.


1 quoted from: John Philip Newell, 2011. Praying with the Earth: A Prayerbook for Peace. Canterbury Press, Norwich. ISBN 978-1-84825-049-9.

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