Saturday & Sunday afternoons, 2 pm – 4pm on 1st/2nd , 8th/9th, 15th/16th February

Venue: Kirkcudbright  (NOW FULL)


Still life Xavier VallsThe Big Silence is a BBC documentary made 10 years ago. It follows five people who have high-pressured typical modern jobs – in hospitality, teaching, PR and business.

The inspiration for this came from Benedictine monk, Father Christopher Jamison, who is convinced that everyone can benefit from sustained regular periods of silence: “When we enter into periods of silence, we start to see things with greater clarity. We come to know ourselves, and come in touch with that deepest part of ourselves, our soul.”

In the documentary, the group is invited to give space for silence in their busy lives, and the programme follows their progress.

We will watch an episode together once a week over 3 weeks. In a supportive environment, we will have an opportunity for gentle sharing afterwards and be guided through a short experience of silent prayer.


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Still life is by Xavier Valls