“At the core of Ignatian Spirituality is contemplative practice, by which we mean a way of living and being present in our daily life that is prayerful, reflective and discerning; a way of being that draws us to live out our true self in freedom. “(Epiphany Group vision).

Spiritual direction is the practice of being with a person as they reflect on their spiritual journey and enabling them to understand, express and respond to God’s action in their life. The companion listens attentively to assist the person in their process of reflection and offers a safe and gentle space in which the person can come home to the loving touch and presence of God in their life and to know more deeply who they are created to be.

It is not advice giving, pastoral counselling or psychotherapy although they all share similarities in approach. 

There are many different models of supervision. I [Rachel Inglis] was taught, and feel most at home with, the model of Contemplative Supervision which is focussed on helping directors see and experience their foundational identity in God in order to distinguish between authentic and inauthentic expressions of that identity in their practice. This model can be used with people working in any pastoral capacity, but the pre-requisite would be a naturally reflective approach to one’s practice.

Ignatian Spiritual Exercises can be made in daily life and involves meeting with a guide regularly over a period of 9-12 months. The experience introduces the retreatant to a more contemplative approach to life and intentional way of being which helps them discern God’s call on their life and supports them as they consider how they would like to respond. 


As members of the Epiphany Group, we adhere to their values, as set out below:

God loves us infinitely and unconditionally.
God has a unique relationship with us: God can be known and felt in our experience.
God enjoys our uniqueness. Our diversity is an expression of the infinite creativity of God.
God respects our individuality, our free will, our right to make our own choices in life.
God knows and understands in specific detail our deepest needs, longings and desires and communicates that understanding in empathy with us.
God is continually making things new, redeeming and restoring, thus change and growth are always possible.
Co-operation with God energises and empowers us: God draws us into union with one another and with God.
God challenges us to be fully who we are, by letting us know when we are less than we are created to be.

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