We offer spiritual direction and prayer guiding in the Ignatian tradition.


What is Ignatian spirituality?

Ignatian spirituality sees God as actively working in the world and aims to help us understand and identify God’s actions in our lives and in the world around us.  It is a way to pray, an approach to making decisions, a point of view about God, and a practical guide to everyday life.

“At the core of Ignatian Spirituality is contemplative practice, by which we mean a way of living and being present in our daily life that is prayerful, reflective and discerning; a way of being that draws us to live out our true self in freedom. “ (Epiphany Group vision)


What are the essential things for you to know about Ignatian spirituality?  


We can offer, by arrangement:

Individual spiritual accompaniment the practice of being with people as they reflect on their spiritual journey.  The guide listens and asks questions to assist the person in their process of reflection.

The Ignatian Spiritual Exercises – these can be made in daily life and involves meeting with a guide regularly over a period of 9-12 months. The experience introduces the retreatants to a different way of praying and a more contemplative approach to life which helps them discern God’s call on their life and supports them as they consider how they would like to respond.

Individually guided retreats – either by arrangement, or also through Retreats in Daily Life and Residential Retreats which we organise each year – see upcoming events for the latest information.